I started traveling solo when I was 25 years old. This was later than I would have preferred to start, but I had anxiety to contend with. One day I decided I wanted to live for myself and stop waiting for other people so that I could do what I wanted to do, as often with my anxiety, it would be lessened if I were to go somewhere with company.
After four years of travel I decided other people may be interested in hearing about my journeys, not only as someone attempting to overcome anxiety, but as a solo female traveler who is also somewhat weird. I have what can be described as an ‘alternative’ aesthetic, and as you imagine I get a lot of different types of responses to how I look. I often avoid the touristy types of travel and prefer to see what a place is really like through the eyes of a local as much as possible. I also travel on a pretty tight budget so this is easier to accomplish.  I take few photos as I am mostly there to soak up the experience but will try to take more as my blog continues.

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