Danizilla vs. Life

Two weeks ago, I had planned on my next entry to be about Buenos Aires, Argentina, which would go live today. However, life is again taking some turns that is making it difficult to focus on anything more than is absolutely necessary at this point in time.

Angel statue, La Recoleta

Here’s at least a bonus picture of a statue in the most amazing cemetery I have ever set foot in, La Recoleta. Expect a lot more photos where that came from when I do sit down to give Argentina the attention it deserves.

I have been sick with some kind of virus for two months now, and it seems to be making its rounds through my ears, sinuses and stomach. Weeks ago I managed to get four days off thanks to FMLA, but even sick leave didn’t seem to help. I’m doing everything I can think of to battle the thing and it’s not leaving me without a fight.

More importantly, I just found out early this week that a good friend of mine is terminally ill. He and I used to be very close but have dropped out of constant communication because…well, life, I guess. I wish I had known sooner, because it appears at this point the only thing we can do is make him comfortable in his home. He has no family, no next of kin at all, and nothing is legally in order yet. No will or anything. I am hoping to help out with all of the paperwork he needs to get together today when I take him some Thanksgiving food. If anyone is interested in helping out, I have an album of items (mostly clothing and shoes) that I am selling to put all funds toward his bills. The items can be viewed here: Facebook album. I will ship anywhere for actual shipping cost and am taking any reasonable offers.

I feel full of excuses but I do care about my quality of writing and need a little time to clear my head before I can focus on saying everything I need to say about Buenos Aires.


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