Danizilla vs. the Bahamas Revisited

As I mentioned in my last update, I ended up returning to New Providence Island after only about a month had passed back at home. It turned out my diligent job searching while I was vacationing there worked out to the point where my transition between my old job and new job would allow me to return to the Bahamas when my boyfriend had to return on another business trip. Talk about great timing! He was there for another two weeks, but last time I actually felt antsy being away for two weeks, not to mention, I was longing for a real salad since it seems a lot of Bahamian salads consisted mainly of shredded iceburg lettuce and a slice of tomato. So, this time around I thought it would be great to just meet him there a week after he arrived, giving me a week-long vacation before embarking on my new journey at home.

I felt much more confident going through the process of international travel on my own since I had already done it once with Dan. It felt so great to be able to just head out on my own and meet up with him, confident that I knew how to handle the layovers/switching planes, immigration and customs, and how the taxis operated in the Bahamas. My layover at Atlanta was the day of the royal wedding which was all over the TVs in the airport. I remember feeling amused that some people I knew back in Portland had actually gotten up early just to watch it, while I was sitting there wishing I could go to sleep. I read a book and tried to be patient while waiting for my flight. While I waited, someone sat next to me and began to chat at me. I was reading and paid little attention but the woman looked so much like Margaret Cho it really left me wondering if it was her after the fact. Either way, it is a pet peeve of mine when people talk to me while I am reading for no apparent reason.

I have to say, this time around things were much better. I think week-long vacations are perfect for me in places where I just want to relax in the sun, go swimming, and read a lot of books. Even though it was stormy at night, the weather was so much more gorgeous than it was during the spring break experience. The other benefit was that the Sheraton was nearly empty!

Empty beach chairs on Cable Beach. Nearly every day I had the beach to myself for at least a couple hours!

I think I mentioned this last time, but the only thing I wish I could have done more of was swim! I felt too unsure of leaving my items on the beach unsupervised so unfortunately I didn’t get much of a chance to swim. I wish I could have seen other islands too, but since I am often traveling on a pretty tight budget I just couldn’t afford to do such things.

All in all, it was a perfectly relaxing vacation with everything I could have wanted to unwind from my old, very stressful job and transition into a new one, and to celebrate that for myself.

Enjoy the last few pictures I have to share from my amazing time in Nassau. The low quality is due to the fact that they were all taken on a cell phone, so I apologize for that.

If you have a favorite Caribbean island, please let me know about your experience! I want to go to other islands in the future.

I had gotten a second foot tattoo in between trips, so here is my updated photo of my feet on Cable Beach!

Saw a handful of stray animals, some cats live on Cable Beach…too distrustful of people to get near, though.

If you’ve heard anything about Bahamian food, you’ve probably heard of conch fritters. They are bits of conch fried in spiced dough and they are pretty great.

This gigantic pile of conch shells along the coast on Arawak Cay speaks to the volume of conch consumed in Nassau

A snippet of the menu at Goldie’s at Da Fish Fry, I was surprised at the presence of barracuda on the menu

Cable Beach nearing sunset

Thanks for reading! And again, if you have your own Caribbean island experiences to share, please do so in the comments, I’d love to hear about other islands, especially now that it is cold in Portland. Should help motivate me to get another trip in the works.


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