Danizilla Takes Manhattan

I was originally going to post my first installment of my first international trip to the Bahamas, but I find that I am distracted. I am currently in New York on business, and I can’t seem to think of anything besides work and New York. Go figure.

I’m staying in Manhattan this time, which of course is a vast departure from Brooklyn where I stayed last time. The streets are constantly full of people here near Times Square and horns are always honking.

New York

The view from my room at night

On this evening, the last day of summer, I went for a walk. I am working Portland hours here in New York, so by the time I complete my workday it is already dark out. I take streets that are less crowded when possible. Even in the dark, on the last day of summer, the humidity clings to my shoulders like a damp shawl. But it’s comfortable. The sun is gone, the air is cool.

Sometimes I wonder if I could live on the east coast. I’ve never moved away from home, I can’t imagine pulling up my roots and just going. But I long to. The industry I work in is so much stronger over here- New York, D.C., everywhere there are major law firms.

me at the hotel

I had fun in my room, since I spent so much time there

But I flip flop all the time on what I want.

Sometimes I don’t think I can handle these crowds, these fast-moving people in their well-tailored suits and designer dresses. Heels that click down sidewalks quick and smooth, stepping around the trash in the street.

Just going grocery shopping can be an overwhelming ordeal. Especially when battling anxiety!

work view

This was my view while working one day. A large improvement over my typical no-window work space back home.

But there is so much diversity, so much history, so many opportunities. I feel torn here and other places I have been. What about San Francisco, I wonder? I love it there, too. I often weigh the positives and negatives surrounding the idea of giving up my comfortable space in Portland just for the option to advance in my career, or to grow personally by leaving my hometown.

Whatever the future may be, I will at least be grateful for this trip. I have never traveled for business before and I am very appreciative. My next post will be about the Bahamas, next weekend, when I am back home and have a clear head.


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2 responses to “Danizilla Takes Manhattan

  1. I remember being in London and being amazed at how fast people walked. I spent half my life in Florida. We tend to amble more there.

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