Danizilla vs. New York City Part III

As I wrap up my reminiscent ramblings on my 2010 visit to New York, I am already planning my next trip. That happens to be in a few days! I have the opportunity to travel for business and am very excited to go back. This time I will be staying in Manhattan and may be able to see a few things I didn’t get around to on my last visit.

So, interesting synchronicity for me, or at the very least, a nice coincidence.

The photos I have looked through for this last entry have me very excited to write up my conclusion and to head back, perhaps I’ll have more to add about New York at a later date.

This is a fairly photo-centric post for me, remember to click on any of them to view larger. They were, however, taken with a camera on a cell phone so they aren’t very high quality. Sorry!

The architecture alone is worth another visit for me. So much character and detail. Here’s a snapshot of an apartment window I loved:

Apartment window in Manhattan

On to the last days of my adventure! One of the items on my to-do list was to visit The Metropolitan Museum of Art. This museum works on a donation basis, and at the time I went, suggested donation was $20. I gladly paid this amount. I bypassed the maps showing exhibits because I figured I’d just wander and see whatever. Bad idea. Grab the map. I probably ended up missing things, this place is HUGE.

Metropolitan Museum of Art

The place is so big I couldn’t fit the whole thing in the photo

I was delighted to see there was an Egyptian exhibit and it was the first thing I wandered into. I absolutely love everything Egyptian so this was nice, as I didn’t look up what exhibits were showing first. I have been to my fair share of Egyptian-related exhibits in various museums, but this one was the largest I’d seen, with more very large statues and sarcophagi.

Egyptian statue

There were many impressive items in the Egyptian exhibit, I can’t even tell you how huge this statue was. I was in awe!

They had so many exhibits I ended up spending about five hours there. One of the other exhibits was of religious art, which is something else I really love.


Old crucifix

large statue

Large statue

I loved this more than anything else in the exhibit for some reason

They also had some other large statues and even whole rooms that were replicas of either hotel rooms or apartments in France I believe (it has been awhile and I have forgotten some details, forgive me!)

Room replica

Medusa's head

Marble statue; Perseus with the head of Medusa


Andromeda and the Sea Monster

Thankfully there was a cafe inside to get something to eat, I was starving. Well, that and I honestly had a hard time finding the exit. Yep, that was embarrassing. Here’s a view from the cafe:

The Met

Before I eventually followed other people to the exit, I found you could get up to the rooftop and see some pretty nice views:

View from the roof of the Met

The only other thing I had planned was to visit Coney Island before I left. I had never seen the Atlantic ocean before. I made a trip of it, taking the subway which I believe took about an hour from the Bushwick area of Brooklyn. I was amazed the beach was so close. I also planned on visiting the aquarium which I enjoyed.

Coney Island boardwalk and beach

Coney Island Ferris wheel

Coney Island boardwalk

I wanted so badly to go to the Coney Island Freak Show. That is so far up my alley! However, I didn’t want to travel all the way back to Coney Island and kind of wished I’d have someone to accompany me there. Maybe another time!

I figure I should also mention Athom Cafe. It was one of the few places I found to grab breakfast near Bushwick. It’s tiny and a bit cramped, but I found the affordable breakfast sandwiches on fresh baked baguettes to be rather delicious, especially with a cheap iced coffee. I believe I paid $7 for that meal. I can’t exactly remember what my sandwich entailed but goat cheese was probably involved. I wouldn’t recommend this place to seek out unless you happen to be staying in the area and tire of going elsewhere to find breakfast. Large selection of pastries as well. The location leaves a lot to be desired but like I mentioned, it’s definitely worth it if you are in the area.

Outside Athom

Outside Athom Cafe

I found Brooklyn to be better for cheap dinner options, especially at the tortilla factories. Try Tortilleria Mexicana Los Hermanos for cheap tacos on fresh made tortillas. Also, it is BYOB! Pick up some beer at a bodega and have a low-cost meal right at the tortilla factory. This concept is unheard of back home in Portland, so I jumped on the chance. Why is it so awesome to be able to bring your own beer while you dine? While I was there, it got a little interesting when a belligerent prostitute started yelling at patrons seated on the sidewalk, cussed out the employee who was addressing her very politely, and proceeded to spray some of the patrons with a hose that was lying nearby. Enjoy the ambiance!

Of course everyone I know told me I needed to get some pizza while I was there. I did end up getting some pizza on my last day, however maybe I just didn’t choose the right place because I wasn’t that impressed. I just kind of randomly chose a place in Brooklyn that I could get to easily before heading to the airport. Does anyone have any pizza suggestions for me for my upcoming trip? I’ll be staying near Times Square this time.

If there are any other suggestions on things I should check out or places to eat in that area, I’ll gladly take them. Especially if you have some frugal tips for food! I’m not sure how much free time I will have but hopefully will be doing most of my work from my hotel, which has a kitchenette I’ll likely take advantage of. Let me know your favorite things to do, see, or eat in Manhattan!


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8 responses to “Danizilla vs. New York City Part III

  1. Lovely photos! I always love wandering around museums too, but sometimes it really is necessary to grab a map. If you ever get the chance to go to England, you HAVE to go to the British Museum,. They have tons of Egyptian stuff, and lots of Greek artifacts that were actually taken right from the Parthenon. It is so exciting that you get to go back to NYC soon. I love visiting that city! 🙂

  2. Love that first photo of the apartment window – so cool! I’ve never been to New York, but it’s on my wish list of places to visit. Wish I had some good frugal-eating tips for you, but I thought the tip about the tortilla factory was very good. The story about the belligerent prostitute also cracked me up. Have a fun and safe trip!

    • I almost forgot about the tortilla factory, I’m not sure how! The prostitute story is one of the more amusing anecdotes from my trip. Also I have found there are *tons* of food trucks in Manhattan so I’ll probably be able to eat cheap after all 🙂 Thanks for your comment!

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